The eCitizen project aims to promote citizen participation and local volunteers, to meet changing social needs of the municipality of Barakaldo.

The project is promoted by the Fundación de Trabajadores de la Siderurgia Integral, with the participation of two partners: the City Hall of Barakaldo (Spain) and the Ideas Bank Foundation, Idebanken (Oslo, Norway)

This initiative is co-financed by the Program for Active Citizenship, the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, whose donor countries are Iceland, Norway and Liechtestein.

Through this project we will be able to:

  • Understand best practices in citizen participation developed in Oslo, and transfer this knowledge to our experience in Barakaldo.
  • Understand social needs identified by Barakaldo own citizenship and proposed intervention to correct.
  • Promote citizen participation from the social volunteering.
  • Provide the public and third sector of knowledge necessary to perform their volunteer work.
  • Implement local voluntary initiatives to help vulnerable young people in the municipality.


The project is open to participation by all citizens of Barakaldo, professionals from the public and private sectors (associations and third sector organizations) and volunteers who perform their work in the village.

You can give us your opinion about the needs of the municipality, receive information and training and even participate in volunteer activities that are in place in the project.

Contact us by email pperez@ftsi.es or telephone number +34 944180771